Dinner with Nikki – Hawaiian Bros Island Grill

Hello!  Welcome!  School has been all consuming this semester on top of life.  Dad and I haven’t been doing lunches as a sad, sad result.

I recently joined a “KC Eats” group on Facebook that highlights restaurants in the area.  I saw a couple posts about Hawaiian Bros Island Grill and decided I NEEDED to check it out.  I grabbed Nikki, who loves to explore new restaurants too, and made the drive there!  It’s in Belton, so not close, but definitely not too far!


The menu is pretty straightforward and small.  Short and simple.  We both opted for the Traditional Classic Plates.  For a small upcharge you could get two meats instead of one so thats the option we both tried.  Every meal comes with rice and macaroni salad and you choose the meat(s).  I went with the Molokai Chicken and the Honolulu Chicken.  Nikki got the Molokai Chicken and Luau Pig.


Honolulu chicken on the left, Molokai on the right

The meals were great.  The rice was cooked perfectly and the chicken was cooked perfectly and flavored well.  I’m still on the fence about the macaroni salad.  It was pretty bland, with pepper being the predominant flavor.  They had a BBQ type sauce and a teriyaki sauce on the table which I used to kick up the macaroni salad and that really perked it up!

It’s a great little place and I can’t wait to go again!  I will have to hit it up on our way to or from Clinton once and awhile.

Highly recommended!