Lunches with Dad – Summit Grill

I could start with a litany of excuses why it has been 5 months since my last post.  But we all know life happens, so there!

We have been doing lunches, though not as frequently as we would like!  My work schedule has changed and dad has been busy with his AMA VP duties.  Admittedly some of our lunches have been some repeats, but thats ok too!

Last week, in an effort to get back in the game, Dad picked Summit Grill for lunch.  They recently opened a new location here in the Northland and we decided to check it out!  We got there shortly after they opened at 11 and the place was already hoppin’!

The menu looked like all kinds of fancy, yummy stuff.  We opted to skip a starter and dive right in!  I got the Pot Roast Nachos (a starter, but I wanted it as my meal) and dad got the Fresh Icelandic Haddock Fish and Chips.

The food came out pretty quickly!  My nachos looked super fancy!  They were also really tasty.  Not quite what I was expecting when I think of nachos, but great nonetheless!  The “chips” they were on were fantastic!  I’m pretty sure they were cut and fried flour tortillas.  I would highly recommend them as an appetizer OR a meal!


Dad got two big pieces of fish, some coleslaw and a generous helping of fries.  I didn’t try the fish but he assures me it was good.  The coleslaw had a different, but good, flavor.  A week later I can’t even remember why, but I remember the fries being really good.  I just got off the phone with dad and he said they were OK.

(Picture should’ve been here, but we both failed at getting one!)

When we were done with our meal, our waitress brought over this tray filled with sweet delights to tempt us.  Two things on the tray caught our attention:  Creme Brulee and a Reeses inspired peanut butter cup dessert thing.  Wanting to share a dessert and not wanting to actually decide, we told the waitress to “just bring us one of those two things!”.  Only slightly thrown off, she obliged and brought us the creme brulee.  Man.  That.  Was.  Good!  Instead of being in a glass dish it was in its own, edible, chocolate bowl!  There was a delicious raspberry sauce on the plate and some fresh berries.  We both could have easily finished our own of those and not regretted a moment!  I must find out how they got the brulee in the chocolate bowl!

All in all it was a good meal.  I would go back again to try some more of the menu and i’m sure dad feels the same! (Spoiler alert, I have a lunch meeting there tomorrow!)

***Edited to add***

As promised, I got to visit Summit Grill again the day after originally posting this.  Once again, it did not disappoint!  I was there for a continuing education meeting thru work.  This time I got the Chicken Fried Chicken (gravy on the side, always).   The breading on the chicken was delicious and the chicken was cooked perfectly!  The gravy was a nice touch and the mashed potatoes were smooth and delicious.  I didn’t care for the veggies served with it, but I like my green beans more well done than the ones I was served.  Some people like them less cooked, I like them more well done!

We also got to choose between the carrot cake and the creme brulee for dessert.  I chose the Creme Brulee again.  I ate the whole thing.  It was too much, but I finished it anyway since i’m not a quitter!  Maybe next time i’ll try a different dessert.  Maybe.