Lunches with Dad – Mudhole BBQ

Wednesday was the day of BBQ.  So much BBQ and i’m not mad about it.  Ill chronicle my BBQ dinner with Josh in another post.

This was my week to choose lunch and I already had this one queued up and ready to go!  It’s fairly new location and is called Mudhole BBQ.  They also have another location and a food truck.  It sits in an unassuming strip mall on North Oak.  Once inside its bright and cheery.  You order at the counter, get your drink and find a table and they bring your food out to you.

Dad and I decided that we would share a meal.  We got an order of the Mudhole Rangoons and chose the Burnt Ends Sandwich with fries.  We also got an order of the beans.


Being a big fan of cream cheese, I was super excited to try the rangoons.  They did NOT disappoint!  They were creamy and delicious and had tender meat in them.  A perfect combination, really.  The only thing that was disappointing is that there wasn’t more to be had!

The beans were a surprise!  Instead of the usual baked beans, these were more like a ham and beans type and flavor bean with a bbq twist.  Very interesting!  Dad enjoyed them more than I did, but they were still a good choice in my book.  The burnt ends had good flavor and were nice and tender.  The fries had a great seasoning on them which made them delicious.

It was a little on the pricey side, IMHO (or maybe that’s just dads voice in my head), being ~$27 for one meal, an extra side, an appetizer and two drinks.  (Ok, writing it out like that makes it seem like a lot!) But it was still a good meal and I would give them another shot!  I would encourage you to try them out too, if you’re in the area!


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