Food and travel, road trip style

I love travel.  I love exploring new cities and trying new places to eat.  Josh had to go to Florida for work and we decided to make a road trip vacation out of it.  It was a whirlwind trip, but good nonetheless.

We left Tuesday morning and got on the road.  All was going well until about 3 am (we decided we would just drive all the way thru) when we got a flat tire.  In Georgia.  In the rain.  Luckily I noticed it before it was a blowout or worse and we were able to get off the highway at a rest stop.  We got the tire changed and found out there was a rental car location in the next town and drove there until the rental place opened in the morning.  Since it was so late, we opted not to get a hotel room to sleep in for 4 hours and instead slept in the car.  Classy and cheap 🙂  After getting the tire taken care of (replaced sadly enough) we were back on the road.

Every place we ate on this trip was somewhere new for us.  Here’s the rundown!

Smokey Bones in East St Louis – BBQ, as the name suggests.  We are “spoiled” in Kansas City and BBQ almost always includes beef and turkey.  This was mostly pork based BBQ but was good nonetheless.  I got the pulled pork nachos, which was very yummy.  Josh got a sandwich of some kind, I believe.

Krystal Burgers – The White Castle of the south (?).  Baby burgers.  It was a meal.  We don’t regret it but won’t be scrambling to go back.

Bojangles – The KFC of the south, with a flair.  The chicken was decent as were the sides.  I do have to say…sweet tea in the south is SWEET!

Abe and Louies in Boca Raton – This was the fanciest meal of the trip.  Wait.  This was the fanciest meal of my LIFE.  As soon as we walked in I felt way under dressed for this restaurant.  We were seated at our table and had a bit of sticker shock when we opened the menu.  Everything was Ala carte and soda was served in a 12 oz bottle with a glass of ice.  That being said, the meal was INCREDIBLE.  We started off sharing a chopped salad (it was huge) that was really good.  For my entree I opted for something super different than my norm and got Shrimp and Scallop Risotto.  It was great.  Josh got a steak and a side of macaroni and cheese.  They were both amazing.  Best steak I have ever tasted!

The Burger Freak in Ft Lauderdale – This was a recommendation from my nieces dad and it did not disappoint.  The burger and fries were solid and they had fried oreos for dessert.  Whats wrong with that?  Nothing!

Thick and Thin Pizza in Boca Raton  – This place is what I imagine NY pizza joints are like.  Intimate spaces where you can see right in to the “kitchen”.  We got a pepperoni pizza and it was greasy and yummy!

Casa Maya Grill in Deerfield Beach – Another recommendation from my nieces dad and his girlfriend (and my niece, actually).  A Mexican place with decent food.  We both got fajitas and enjoyed them.  There was a table side guacamole service, but neither of us like it enough to join in on that fun.

Ole Times Country Buffet – This was a find as we pulled off on an exit on the way home in the search for a lunch.  It is exactly what it sounds like, a buffet.  However, it was easily the best buffet that I have been too!  They had a great selection of “southern” foods and meats.  Everything we tried I think we liked and was good quality.  It’s probably a good thing they don’t exist in our neck of the woods.


In full disclosure, we did eat at a McDonald’s on the way back but it was super late and we were hungry and trying to push thru and make it home.

We were so anxious to get home to our furry kids and own house we drove straight thru and got home 24 hours after we left Florida.  I know that is a drive I won’t be making anytime soon again, especially straight thru like we did!  I would definitely visit Florida again where we were, especially at the same time of year.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL.

Since it was a working vacation for Josh, I wandered around by myself while he was working.  I explored the beach by our hotel where they had just finished filming some scenes for a new movie.  I checked out some shops and soaked up some ocean air.


Friday Josh and I headed out and did some exploring together.  We ended up at Butterfly World and were both impressed.  They had lots of cool butterflies, naturally, and birds and pretty plants to look at.  I enjoyed the Lorikeets the best.  The best dollar I spent there was for a little cup of what is apparently lorikeet crack.  They will fly right over to you and perch on your arm for a taste of the crack.  One was also fascinated with my jeans and attempted to climb up my pant leg.


I wish we could vacation more!  Where is your favorite vacation destination?



Whats in your camera roll?

The other day at work we were talking about what “normal” people had in their phone camera rolls.  I always have my phone with me and it is my main camera these days (sadly enough).  My photo stream is dominated by animal pictures.  I would say a good 85% of those are of my own pets, but the rest are pictures from work.  The work pictures range from cute puppy and kitten pictures to post-op surgery pictures.  Sometimes its fun to watch people scroll thru my pictures and come across gross pictures (see: surgery pictures).

I thought it would be fun to show a smattering (no gross work pictures) of what is in my camera roll.


My newest crafty “display”.  Buttons from my grandmas collection and my own.


Cinnamon roll from Corner Cafe that Dad and I splurged on last week.


Sometimes you just need to remember what was delicious so you can buy some for yourself.


Selfie with a recovering patient.


Adventure to the AC/Furnace warehouse


Sometimes you go looking for a new recliner and end up buying this instead…


Half work, half personal picture.  My own cat getting ready for a laser treatment at work. Smile!



It’s always hard to properly catch the true beauty of a sunset…


When your niece takes 30 selfies on your phone.


Documenting the scanning and explaining of old family photographs


More adorable pictures of my own pets

Also there are tons more food pics.  Be it steps of recipes or meals we have eaten so I can make posts with them, there are lots of them.

So.  What dominates your camera roll/photostream?

Day off!

I have been trying to be pretty low key these days, after a hectic last couple of months.   Dad and I lunched at Panera early this week before his doctors appointment.  Nothing exciting there, but always a decent meal in my opinion.  I am loving their Apple, Cheddar and Turkey sandwich but on Tomato Basil bread instead of the cranberry walnut nonsense it usually comes on.

Today was a lovely day off.  I got to catch up with a friend that I haven’t seen in too long and finally meet her baby and give her the baby present I made her!

After that I came home and put my dogs in their adorable sweaters and had a photo shoot out back since it was such a pleasantly sunny day.  They were not amused by the photo shoot and it was really hard to get all 3 in one shot!


Almost Christmas card worthy, if I did that…

I also read 80% of this months book club book, The Sense of an Ending, for tonights meeting.  I didn’t enjoy it and either did the others in the group that read it.  I would have given it 0 stars if 0 was an option on Goodreads.  Back to The Goldfinch for me!  In fact, I think I shall go curl up and get to reading.  Maybe i’ll finish it this time before my loan from the library is up on it.  I love Overdrive and being able to check out books to my Kindle!


My reading partner.  Somebody is glad to be back home after her stint in the “hospital”.