Lunches with Dad – Brown and Loe

Life happens, but here we are!

Dad and I went out this week to a new to both of us place!  I have had this place on my list for quite awhile and now am only sorry I waited to so long to try it!

Who:  Dad and I

What:  Lunch

When:  Thursday, 12/20/18

Where:  Brown and Loe

How (was it):  In a word, GREAT!


We arrived just slightly after 11 am to a mostly empty restaurant and was seated and greeted by our server quickly.  We wanted to start with an appetizer and had narrowed it down to two choices, the Sea Salt Pretzels or the Pimento Cheese Toast.  I told our server what we had narrowed it down to and told her to order us one of those things and bring it to us.  She accepted the challenge!  In short order our Pretzels came out.


The menu had many yummy looking choices and it was hard to choose what we wanted!  I went with the Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich.  Instead of fries or chips, I went with the Crispy Brussels Sprouts instead.  It was a good choice.  The sandwich was on a hearty wheat bread and there was a generous portion of chicken salad on there!  The apple butter was a great addition to the sandwich, too!


Dad went with one of daily specials which was a BLT with Pimento cheese and a side of fries.  Dad said the pimento cheese was a great addition to the BLT.  It was a huge sandwich too, and he left half of it for me to take home to enjoy later.


In an effort to completely stuff ourselves, we decided to indulge in some dessert too.  It was a Plum Cobbler served with a goat cheese ice cream and caramel syrup.  It also was delicious.



It was a great meal that gets 10’s all around!  I can’t wait to go back and try some more of the menu items!


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