Dinners with Josh – Brobecks BBQ

I have been on a roll trying new places lately!  Thanks to the local Facebook group called KC Eats.  It’s a great group of people and a great way to hear about new places around town.  I had read several great reviews on Brobecks BBQ and we decided to dive in.

On most of these reviews I had read that you have to try the ham salad.  So I ordered the appetizer!  The only other ham salad i’ve had was Debbie’s ham salad which she would make after holidays where smoked ham was a staple.  It was always a great treat and something I haven’t been able to recreate.  This one was really good too.  It was served with homemade chips and packages of crackers.  Josh claims he doesn’t like ham salad but made a dent in it anyways!


For dinner, we both ordered different things.  Josh got the Brobecks Combo platter with fries and macaroni and cheese and I got the Burnt End dinner with cheesy corn and beans.

All the meat on both plates was really good.  It was all served dry, which I prefer and there was sauce on the table.  There was also a table with a few different other sauces you could get and signs encouraging you to bring your own sauce if you didn’t like theirs.  The mac and cheese was a solid choice, the steak fries were nicely cooked and meaty, the beans were decent and the cheesy corn wasn’t bland like some cheesy corn can be.

It was a great meal and we were both stuffed and took home some leftovers.  The BBQ market is a tough one around here but I would go back for the ham salad alone.  They are closed Sunday and Monday so don’t make the drive out there and be disappointed on those days!


Dinners with Josh – Homeslice Pizza & Pints

Josh and I (mostly Josh these days) enjoy going downtown to get our walking in.  You can park close to the streetcar line and take off.  As long as you can get back to the streetcar, you are never far from your car.  There’s always interesting people watching and plenty of things to see.

On one of these walks Homeslice Pizza & Pints was noted and the other day we decided to finally check it out.  It sits on the corner of Truman Road and Grand, right across the highway from the Sprint Center.  It was a beautiful evening and they had the garage door/windows open so I chose a seat next to the window.  I beat Josh there and ordered us some waters and the Chicken & Hummus appetizer.  He got there shortly and we decided also on “The Wise Guy” pizza for dinner.

The only real problem I had with the whole experience is the pizza came out before our appetizer, which was ordered at least 15 minutes before the pizza!  They apologized and we ate it anyway.  The pizza was good!  I’m not a fan of fennel sausage so we substituted it for pepperoni on the pizza and that was the right choice.  The whole thing was delicious.  It was a decent size for the price too.  I had expected it to be skimpier than it was.


The Chicken & Hummus appetizer was also yummy.  It came with four skewers of chicken, some pita slices and a healthy sized dish of roasted red pepper hummus which was really good.  There weren’t enough pita pieces so I resorted to using the pizza crust.  Yum!  There was some even left over after everything else was gone and I may have ate some with a fork too, it was that good!

Overall it was great and I would definitely go again!  It gets a 4.5/5 from me!