Lunches with Dad – The Dubliner

First off, a confession…this isn’t the restaurant we set out to eat at a couple of weeks ago when we went.  I had been perusing some local webistes and had chosen Cleaver and Cork to go to.  However when we got there we found them closed, despite their website saying their hours were 11am – midnight.

Therefore, we improvised.  There are still plenty of choices in the Power and Light District and we quickly regrouped and decided on The Dubliner which was right across the way.


When you walk in, it has a cool old-timey, fancy feel to the place which we both love.  We were seated in a half table/half booth right off the main floor.  Neither of us, being the dorks we are, wanted to sit with our backs to the room so we both sat on the booth side together.


Feeling splurge-y we started off with an appetizer of the Dubliner O’Rings.  They were beer battered and delicious.  I asked for ranch instead of the included sauce (not a horseradish fan…) and was not disappointed.  It was a house made ranch that was different from your “normal” ranch dressing but delicious.  As was the ketchup, as odd as that may sound…


Feeling fancy, I ordered the Steak Frites.  It came with a delicious tomato bacon marmalade on top of the steak which really made it for me.  The potatoes were a little boring/plain but what can you do?


Dad went with the Irish Nachos.  It was a potato lovers dream.  They were very tasty.  Chips and shepards pie and cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy.  What more could you want?!?


Over all we were very pleased with our meal.  I would definately go again and try some other things and I’m sure dad would too.

Scores?  ME: 4, DAD: 4

Now if you will excuse me, there is a spot on the beach calling my name and beckoning me to bring my book down and read by the ocean…


Current  view from hotel room, must go investigate beach…


Lunches with Dad – Ay! Chihuahua

Today’s lunch was somewhat of a whim.  Dad and I went and got pedicures (men get pedi’s too!) and were actually on our way elsewhere for lunch when we drove by Ay! Chihuhua and saw that they were finally OPEN!  I made a quick U-turn and our lunch plans changed.

Ay! Chihuahua sits in an old Taco Bell building in Claycomo, MO.  They have really cleaned the place up on the inside since its TB days.

They have a menu of all the typical american-mexican food fare, including a selection of alcoholic beverages.


We started with an order of chips and salsa.  The chips were nice and warm and perfectly salted.


I went with the taco salad and added onion, tomato, black olives and sour cream.


Dad had the beef burrito with lettuce and tomato and onion added with a side of rice



It was more than enough food and was a good solid meal.  Best of all for me, NO CILANTRO on everything!  They have it and will add it if you want but its not an automatic thing which is great in my book.

Right now they are cash only but will add credit card acceptance in the next couple weeks.  They just expanded their hours from 11AM to 10PM.  They also plan on getting the drive thru going at some point too.  They are still in the “soft launch” phase and will probably have a grand opening soon.  We will definatley remember them and be back again!

Scores?  Dad: 3.5, Me:4

Lunches with Dad – The North End

It never fails to amaze me  that there are SO man different food options in this town.  Dad and I have tried a lot of places so far and I know we have barely scratched the surface.

Dads last pick took us to the Columbus Park area of town again, to The North End.  It is a small place with an obvious large following.  There is a bar and a few tables to sit at.  You order at the counter and then find a table and they bring your food to you.

Too be honest, I think we were both a little thrown off when we got there.  The problem, at least for us, is when you have to order at the counter off a big menu on the wall we both really feel the pressure to hurry up and just order the first thing that sounds good.  For both of us that day, it was the special, which was Beef Stroganoff.  Dad also added on an order of the Fried Meatballs on a whim.


Fried Meatball Appetizer

We had a fairly short wait for our food, and our appetizers and entrees came out at the same time.  The meat balls were big!  They had nice seasoning to them and the marinara sauce to dip them in was good.  They were nice and moist, too.

Our stroganoff was good too.  It’s different from the stroganoff I was raised on but it was a nice difference.  The portion was generous and came with a side of hot bread too.  Dad was super impressed that the meals came on actual plates, which you wouldn’t normally expect from the way the restaurant is set up.


So.  What did we think?  We both had a good meal and would go again.

Scores?  ME: 3.5, Dad: 4

Whats in your camera roll?

The other day at work we were talking about what “normal” people had in their phone camera rolls.  I always have my phone with me and it is my main camera these days (sadly enough).  My photo stream is dominated by animal pictures.  I would say a good 85% of those are of my own pets, but the rest are pictures from work.  The work pictures range from cute puppy and kitten pictures to post-op surgery pictures.  Sometimes its fun to watch people scroll thru my pictures and come across gross pictures (see: surgery pictures).

I thought it would be fun to show a smattering (no gross work pictures) of what is in my camera roll.


My newest crafty “display”.  Buttons from my grandmas collection and my own.


Cinnamon roll from Corner Cafe that Dad and I splurged on last week.


Sometimes you just need to remember what was delicious so you can buy some for yourself.


Selfie with a recovering patient.


Adventure to the AC/Furnace warehouse


Sometimes you go looking for a new recliner and end up buying this instead…


Half work, half personal picture.  My own cat getting ready for a laser treatment at work. Smile!



It’s always hard to properly catch the true beauty of a sunset…


When your niece takes 30 selfies on your phone.


Documenting the scanning and explaining of old family photographs


More adorable pictures of my own pets

Also there are tons more food pics.  Be it steps of recipes or meals we have eaten so I can make posts with them, there are lots of them.

So.  What dominates your camera roll/photostream?

Lunches with Dad – Jacomo Cheesewiches

Hi!  It’s been awhile since i’ve posted a review.  Dad and I have been sidelined with colds and life and I’m pretty sure this was the last new place we tried.

I had seen on Facebook that a friend liked this place and was instantly intrigued.  Its a restaurant whos entire menu is based on grilled cheese sandwiches, Jacomo Cheesewiches.  Their website touts “Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and fries”.

We got there pretty soon after they opened, as we are to do, and there was only one other person there at the time.  We all (Dad, Josh and I) chose different sandwiches to try.


Dads sandwich, the BLT Cheesewich


Josh’s sandwich, a custom made meaty and cheesy creation


My sandwich, a Mac N Chessewich

Overall we all liked our sandwiches for the most part.  Dad was a little weirded out that the lettuce and tomato was cooked in the sandwich, therefore a weird texture/temperature, instead of added afterwards.  The biggest turn off for us was the wait.  For there only being 1 person in front of us (with an order just for herself), we waited at least 15-20 minutes for our food.  If the place had been packed I would understand more, but it wasn’t.  To quote Josh “It’s fine for something different, but it’s nothing you couldn’t make yourself. Well priced but the wait was obnoxious.”  I think that about sums it up.  I would try it again, but the wait needs to be a LOT shorter!


Dad: 2.5, Me: 3, Josh: 3