Dinners with Josh – Brobecks BBQ

I have been on a roll trying new places lately!  Thanks to the local Facebook group called KC Eats.  It’s a great group of people and a great way to hear about new places around town.  I had read several great reviews on Brobecks BBQ and we decided to dive in.

On most of these reviews I had read that you have to try the ham salad.  So I ordered the appetizer!  The only other ham salad i’ve had was Debbie’s ham salad which she would make after holidays where smoked ham was a staple.  It was always a great treat and something I haven’t been able to recreate.  This one was really good too.  It was served with homemade chips and packages of crackers.  Josh claims he doesn’t like ham salad but made a dent in it anyways!


For dinner, we both ordered different things.  Josh got the Brobecks Combo platter with fries and macaroni and cheese and I got the Burnt End dinner with cheesy corn and beans.

All the meat on both plates was really good.  It was all served dry, which I prefer and there was sauce on the table.  There was also a table with a few different other sauces you could get and signs encouraging you to bring your own sauce if you didn’t like theirs.  The mac and cheese was a solid choice, the steak fries were nicely cooked and meaty, the beans were decent and the cheesy corn wasn’t bland like some cheesy corn can be.

It was a great meal and we were both stuffed and took home some leftovers.  The BBQ market is a tough one around here but I would go back for the ham salad alone.  They are closed Sunday and Monday so don’t make the drive out there and be disappointed on those days!


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