Today our little group got together for our every few weeks or so gathering. Laura made some delicious stew and we all worked on various projects. I worked for a bit on my hitchhiker scarf then started my new project.

I bought the yarn for this project awhile ago and started a different cowl with it (project #4 that I blogged about on 10/3) and didn’t like it, you couldn’t see the pattern so well on this dark yarn. So today I ripped that out and started a new cowl, in the round. Mostly I’m posting this just so I can remember what I’ve done!  Here is a picture of it so far today (edited: sorry, pics got lost in blog transfer!). The yarn color is hard to capture!  The color is called “Lapis”.

I cast on 160 stitches on size 6 needles. My plan is to do stockinette stitch broken up every so often with some eyelets.  So far my plan with the eyelets is about an inch in I made some eyelets by K6, K2tog, yo on repeat. I’ll probably offset the next ones in another 7 or 8 rows.

I’ll keep you updated.



Wow. Time flies when you are having fun…or something.

Thought I would do a little update.

Ive been busy with cleaning around the house. I inherited a new couch and cabinet and have been rearranging things. I also have started tackling the pit that is our office.  I compiled all my craft supplies into one receptacle and put away my yarn boxes, finally. Turns out I have a lot of both craft supplies and yarn. Who knew?

My crafty projects are:

1) Super secret knitting project I haven’t worked on in awhile.  Need motivation!

2)  Corner to corner baby blanket. I’m about 2/3rds done with it.

3)  Laura and I are both working on Hitchhiker scarves that we started a couple weeks ago.  We were perusing our local yarn shop, which just moved and merged with another yarn shop, and decided we would both buy a skein (hank?) of new yarn and try a new pattern. Neither of us has put a lot of work into it but we are both plugging along. Evidence?  Ok!


my hitchhiker

Lauras hitchhiker scarf

Time to go do some more cleaning!  Wooooooo…  Or knitting. That sounds like more fun.