I’m a little nervous/excited for this first blog post.  Luckily it is a pretty easy one becuse I have lots of projects that I am working on.  I have four to show you today, and I’ll start with the non-knitting one.

This is one of a pair of pantries that I have in my dining room along with a very nice hutch.  This makes for a lot of wood with very little of any other color.  I have been struggling to come up with an idea for covering the doors on these cheap particle board pantries and this is my first attempt.   I saw a bunch of scrapbook paper with small hexagons on it and I really liked it, but I was worried that the hexagons wouldn’t be visible from any sort of distance.  So, the current plan is for the fronts to be covered with these multi-colored hexagons and then clear contact paper.  I am enjoying the little gaps and overlaps that are occurring.   I’ll keep you posted with the results.  Now, on to knitting.

This is a towel that will be used as a drying towel for my dog, Frank.  It is made out of good old Sugar ‘n Cream cotton.  I started with alternating the colors, but that got to be frustrating, so I am putting a block of each color in the middle.  I’m about a third of the way done.  I am really enjoying this knitting.  It is kind of mindless, and Frank will not care if I occasionally knit when I am supposed to purl.

This scarf has been pushed to the middle burner, not all the way to the back, but close.  I really wanted a project to showcase the Lion Brand Amazing yarn that I bought on clearance a long time ago.  This is a quick knit, and I thought I was done at two skeins, but it was really a touch too short, so I’m putting a third on, and I’m just not that motivated.  I do love the colors though.  I’ll post a picture of it stretched out when I am done.

This last project is one that I am both excited about and sick of.  It will be a cover for my nook.  I am playing with double knitting, and I foolishly decided that to really get a level of detail I needed to use fingering weight yarn.  This means that it is taking me a long time.  I am really excited about how it is turning out.  I am knitting it in the round using two double pointed needles, so I can easily keep track of the front and the back without using stitch markers.  This is being made with Knit Picks Comfy Fingering in Celestial and Whisker.  I think Celestial is a great name for a TARDIS blue.



We are going to try something new to make a weekly thing.   I thought each week one of us would talk about what we’ve been working on!  I’ll go first this time. I have a few projects in the works currently.

Yesterday my dad and I (my dad had the most to do with it) fashioned a dog enrichment toy. I had seen a couple videos on YouTube that inspired me. I’m pretty happy with the finished project, even if my dogs are struggling with figuring it out.

I have a super secret project on a set of needles currently. I will divulge more when it is delivered to the recipient.

I am perpetually working on my star pattern scarf. I pick it up about once a week or so and do a few sets of rows then tuck it back away.  I plan to have it done by Christmas so I can gift it.

The project I am most obsessed with right now is my corner to corner knitted striped dish towel.  I even snuck in a few rows as I was in line at Chipotle today. I got some looks but who cares?

I think that’s it!  Saturday we are having a crafting party. I plan on making some dice bags for the other half.

What are you working on this week??