We are going to try something new to make a weekly thing.   I thought each week one of us would talk about what we’ve been working on!  I’ll go first this time. I have a few projects in the works currently.

Yesterday my dad and I (my dad had the most to do with it) fashioned a dog enrichment toy. I had seen a couple videos on YouTube that inspired me. I’m pretty happy with the finished project, even if my dogs are struggling with figuring it out.

I have a super secret project on a set of needles currently. I will divulge more when it is delivered to the recipient.

I am perpetually working on my star pattern scarf. I pick it up about once a week or so and do a few sets of rows then tuck it back away.  I plan to have it done by Christmas so I can gift it.

The project I am most obsessed with right now is my corner to corner knitted striped dish towel.  I even snuck in a few rows as I was in line at Chipotle today. I got some looks but who cares?

I think that’s it!  Saturday we are having a crafting party. I plan on making some dice bags for the other half.

What are you working on this week??


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