Today our little group got together for our every few weeks or so gathering. Laura made some delicious stew and we all worked on various projects. I worked for a bit on my hitchhiker scarf then started my new project.

I bought the yarn for this project awhile ago and started a different cowl with it (project #4 that I blogged about on 10/3) and didn’t like it, you couldn’t see the pattern so well on this dark yarn. So today I ripped that out and started a new cowl, in the round. Mostly I’m posting this just so I can remember what I’ve done!  Here is a picture of it so far today (edited: sorry, pics got lost in blog transfer!). The yarn color is hard to capture!  The color is called “Lapis”.

I cast on 160 stitches on size 6 needles. My plan is to do stockinette stitch broken up every so often with some eyelets.  So far my plan with the eyelets is about an inch in I made some eyelets by K6, K2tog, yo on repeat. I’ll probably offset the next ones in another 7 or 8 rows.

I’ll keep you updated.


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