Lunches with Dad – El Patron

We are BACK!  Posting has been sporadic lately.  Things get hectic in summer in fall with Dad traveling to flying events often.  For the first time in a long time, there is nothing that should keep us from our regular Thursday lunches for awhile.

Today we were feeling like Mexican food was the order of the day.  I chose El Patron Cocina & Bar.  It’s “down on the Boulevard” with a whole host of other Mexican (and other) restaurants.

The chips and salsa were decent.  I liked the salsa quite a bit.  It was blended fine but had just enough tang and flavor that it didn’t taste like plain tomato sauce or tomato soup.  They brought a mild and hot to the table.  We both preferred the mild but would occasionally dip in the hot before the mild to mix it up.

El Patron chips and salsa

El Patron chips and salsa

We both ordered meals of their lunch menu.  I got a #7 (I believe) which had a beef burrito, a chicken taco (I chose the meats on both) and beans and rice.  The burrito was nice and I really enjoyed the taco.  Instead of the usual corn tortilla shell on the taco, it was a hard flour tortilla shell.  Very yummy.  The refried beans were nice and smooth and the rice was good too.

#7 Burrito Spread

#7 Burrito Spread

Dad ordered the 2 Flautas lunch special.  It came with 2 Flautas (duh) and rice and beans – but he decided double rice, no beans.  He had never had Flautas before and said he enjoyed them.

2 Flautas lunch

2 Flautas lunch

Best thing?  No cilantro!  I am firmly in the “hates cilantro” camp.  It tastes like soapy dirt to me!  YUCK!

Scores?  ME: 4, DAD: 3

We both agree that we would go back, me probably sooner than him, I would guess 🙂


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