Saturday Shennanigans

Today Laura and I went on a yarn-venture.  We first set our sights on the Topeka Twisted Fiber Arts Show put on by the Potwin Fiber Artisans.  We love yarn.  We love to look at it, to touch it, to squeeze it.  We both fell in love with some hand dyed yarns by Th’Red Head Designs.  Neither of us purchased any yarn but we were being “responsible adults” or something like that.  Personally I didn’t buy the one I was coveting because I didn’t have a specific project that I knew how much I would need for it in mind.

At the show we also sat in on a class on Entrelac knitting.  This has fascinated and baffled me for years.  They gave us some needles and yarn and we got to try it out.  It was a lot easier than I expected!  I think I my give it a go and make myself a scarf.  Laura made a whole swatch.  I wimped out before finishing a swatch but still am proud of my little swatch.

Lauras on the left, mine on the right

Lauras on the left, mine on the right

After all that yarn squeezing and learning, we were hungry!  We decided to check out a new place (for us, anyway), The Burger Stand.  We both got a different burger and fries.  They had poutine!  Neither of us had ever actually tried this magic and it did not disappoint!

Laura's burger and poutine

Laura’s burger and poutine

My burger with duck fat fries

My burger with duck fat fries

After refueling, we headed out to Lawrence on the way back.  There is a yarn store there, Yarn Barn, that we just had to check out since we were going to be driving by!  It did not disappoint, either!  Lots of fun yarn to look at and squeeze.  Neither of us found anything that we couldn’t live without, once again, sadly enough.  Well, not so sad for our pocket books…

After a quick pit stop, it was time to leave Lawrence and head back home.  We decided that since we were going to be driving right by The Legends on the way home, a stop to the Coach Outlet was in order.  That did not disappoint, either.  Laura ended up with an early birthday present to herself!

It was a successful day!  Lots of yarn with a side of purses.  What more could a girl ask for??

No loitering!

No loitering!


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