Let me tell ya ’bout my bessst friend

Today is the day of birth my very best friend in whole wide world, aka BFF.

carrie eliz plaza

On the Plaza, with her brass choir band

What better way to tribute her than a rambling post?

carrie eliz hats

I’m pretty sure the first time we actually met and talked was actually in middle school.  That being said, we actually grew up VERY close to each other.  She lived in the house behind the house across the street from me.  She even played with some of the same kids I played with but since we were on different streets, our paths never really crossed.  Funny how that happens.  We went all thru grade school never in the same class or same groups of friends at recess.

carrie eliz lake

In middle school a new friend to both of us introduced us to each other and it blossomed from there.  We were hard and fast friends after that.


carrie eliz car

Car selfie!

Once we got to high school we were even more inseparable.  She was at our family dinner table more often than not and if she wasn’t there it was 20 questions about her whereabouts.  She is part of the family, for sure.


Dinner, before high school graduation

Awhile ago we were talking and neither of us could think of an instance where we ever really fought.  How many people can say that?

I love you BFF!  Hope you have a great Birthday and I can’t wait so celebrate many more with you!





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