Lunches with Dad – Meatball District

A couple weeks ago we went to Meatball District!  It is located down on 39th Street close to KU Med.  Maybe its the Voelker neighborhood?  If not, its super close to there.  I have driven thru that area many times but never realized there were so many places to eat down there!  I had heard about Meatball District randomly somewhere and it piqued my interest and I knew we needed to try it.

It’s a cozy little place with quite a bit of seating.  We chose a seat at the high top table in the window so we could spy on the neighborhood.  We have been into appetizers lately and decided to start off with the Fried Mac and Cheese Bites.  They did not disappoint, either.  Mac and cheese goodness fried up and served with a ranch dipping sauce.


For our meals, we both chose different preparations of our balls.  Dad went with the spaghetti.  When you order the spaghetti, you get to choose your meat for the meatballs, the sauce and the noodles.  He went with 2 beef and 2 pork meatballs, the classic tomato sauce and the seasonal vegetable noodle which was made from zucchini.  I went with the Baguette.  I chose 2 chicken and 2 beef meatballs and went with 1/2 classic tomato sauce an 1/2 Parmesan sauce (I was feeling very conflicted on what I wanted).  Mine also came with french fries and a drink.


It was a very tasty meal!  The meatballs were a bit spicier than we expected but they all had very good flavor.  The sauces were also very good.  Dad was out of his comfort zone with the zucchini noodles but ended up liking them when he got them.  The lunch special I got was a very good deal especially since it included a soft drink.  We would both go again to try some more items!  My only regret is that we didn’t try the home made Ice Cream Sandwiches!


Dad: 4, Me: 4


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