Lunches with Dad -North Kansas City Cafe

North Kansas City Cafe!  This was a choice of mine that has been on the radar for awhile and we finally made it happen.

Placed along the main strip in North Kansas City its a cozy place with TWA memorabilia all over the place (which pleased dad).  They serve Greek/Mediterranean food and are open for breakfast and lunch thru the week.

We started off with an appetizer of the House Sampler which gave us a little bit of everything.  The hummus was very good and my favorite was (what I think was) a roasted red pepper dip that I mixed with the hummus.  Our least favorite was the dolmades, but not because they were bad, persay, they just weren’t our thing.


All three of us ordered gyros.  Audrey and I and went with the steak while Dad stuck with the traditional gyro meat.  We all got a different side with our gyro.  Dad got chips, I got fries and Audrey got a salad.

It was more than enough food and we all enjoyed the something different aspect.  In hindsight, I wish I had gone with the traditional gyro meat instead of the steak after trying some of the meat from dads gyro.  Next time!

Even though we were full, dessert was had by all.  How could you say no to free dessert  (due to a mishap earlier in the meal with the appetizer that they wanted to make up for)?  We went with the Baklava and was not disappointed!   How had I never had this before in my life?!?  It was flaky and sweet and wonderful!

NKC Cafe took us all out of our comfort zone as far as cuisine but we all had a good meal and will definitely try it again!


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