Lunches with Dad – Gus’s Fried Chicken

Last weekend my dad was talking to his niece about restaurants (I presume that’s what they were talking about…I wasn’t there) and she suggested a place called Gus’s Fried Chicken that she had visited in Memphis and just loved.

For our lunch adventures today, we had two special guests with us since our school district closed up shop for the day since it was take your child to work day.  Audrey and BFF Carrie joined us!


It was a little bit of a drive across the state line to get there but well worth the drive.  If you know where the original Kansas City Joes (Oklahoma Joes) location is, its right around the corner from it.

When we got there we were welcomed to sit at any table we liked and our waitress was right over to get our drink orders.  Apparently they have cheap, big draw beers but that isn’t my jam and we all needed to function for the rest of the day so we didn’t partake.  They serve coke products, always a thumbs up from me, and they were well mixed from the fountain.  Dad and Carrie had sweet tea which they said was a very good sweet tea.


We ordered an order of fried pickles first they and they came fast and were HOT!  They were served with a side of ranch.   Instead of fried “chips” they were fried spears.  I couldn’t tell you how many were in an order because we quickly descended on them and they didn’t last very long at all.  There were some extra spices in the batter, maybe dill and garlic?  They were a great addition and i’m going to try that next time we make fried pickles!  I did have the presence of mind to photograph one before I devoured it…


This picture ALMOST didn’t happen!

When it came time to order meals Audrey, Carrie and myself ordered the same thing:  Chicken Tenders, baked beans and mac and cheese.  Dad broke the mold and ordered a wing and breast meal with beans and fried okra.

There is nothing fancy about the dishes (plastic/styrofoam plates) or silverware (plastic) but it doesn’t matter.  The chicken is DELICIOUS.  It is fried up perfectly, not leaving it super greasy.  They tout “Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken” and we may have been a little nervous at first, but it was perfectly seasoned.  It had a little bite to it but was a great addition to the flavor profile.  The chicken was super moist and had flavor all the way through the meat and not just in the breading like some places.

As for the side dishes, they were decent too.  Dad enjoyed his fried okra.  Everyone enjoyed the baked beans.  The mac and cheese was decently cheesy but the noodles were a little overcooked reminding us sort of cafeteria mac and cheese.  Still a decent side dish choice though.

After the meal, we decided we needed to also try some desserts.  It’s not every time we do that, but today it seemed necessary and appropriate.  It was a very good choice.  Between the four of us we got a piece of Chess Pie – cold for Audrey and I, a piece of Chocolate Chess Pie – warmed with ice cream for Carrie and  a piece of Pecan Pie – warmed with ice cream for Dad.  They were all yummy.  I think next time I will get the Chocolate Chess Pie for myself.

It was a great meal that we all enjoyed.  Everyone was friendly there and we got great service.  Gus’s will definitely be on my radar next time I want fried chicken out.  I hope they continue to do well and add another (closer) location in town.

Scores?  Me: 4.5, Dad: 4.5, Audrey 4, Carrie 4



Ten on Tuesday – BFF edition

This weeks prompt: 10 Things You Love To Do With Your Best Friend

I met my BFF in middle school.  We actually grew up on parallel streets and I always knew who she was but never actually met her until a mutual friend introduced us in middle school.  From that point on we were fast friends and are still BFF’s to this day.  I don’t know what I would do without her.

So without further ado; 10 things I love to do with my BFF

  1.  Eating.  Who doesn’t love to eat?  It’s better with good friends too!  We love to get together and do some cooking/grilling and EATING.
  2. Coffee.  Every Sunday morning at Starbucks.  It’s a staple and a great centering/starting point for the week.
  3. Text.  I love the texting form of communication and its great to be able to send a quick “thinking about you” message.
  4. Share.  Our day, our feelings, whatever.  Sometimes we overshare.  What are BFF’s for, afterall?
  5. Laugh.  Self explanatory.
  6. Coloring.  I’m so glad that it’s “cool” for adults now.  I have always loved coloring and it’s nice that there are books that aren’t just cartoon characters to color!
  7. Exploring.  I wish we could get out of town and explore more but it’s still fun to explore things around our great city!
  8. Games.  Card, board, whatever.  It’s about the fellowship.  Except when we are playing Settlers of Catan.  Then its just a battle not to hate each others guts before the end. 🙂
  9. Watch Baseball.  GO ROYALS!
  10. Sit and Veg.  It’s the great american past time and we are perfectly happy just to sit in the same room and just be.
My BFF and I at Sunday coffee

My BFF and I at Sunday coffee