I feel like I say it everytime I start a new post here but here goes…

WOW!  It’s been a long time!  Fall was a crazy time around my house with grandmothers passing away, my sisters wedding and of course the whole Christmas thing happening.  Things finally have settled back down.  I am getting over a whole GI virus thing, complete with ER visit over the weekend!  Wheeeee.

My projects have been solely knitting projects (as usual).  I am going to a pinterest project party on Saturday that I am excited about.  I just need to figure out which of my million pinterest projects I want to do, with what I already have around the house here.  There are SO many choices!  Of course I “joined” a book club too and have been trying to sneak in some reading time for that too.

Today I went to our LYS on the search for some new needles for my Hitchhiker scarf that I am knitting.  Last week I left my darling dog out of her kennel for under 10 minutes while I picked my niece up from school.  When we came home I found my project dug out of my bigger project bag, laying in the middle of the floor with both ends of my circular needles chewed (they were wooden needles), my yarn ball torn up and the plastic bag that held it all shredded.  That girl works fast.  LUCKILY she didn’t pull any stitches out of the project as it was still on my (chewed) needles.  The yarn was also unbroken, thankfully.  That night I was able to unknot and rewind my yarn without TOO much hassle.  I worked it off those needles by cutting the line and carefully working them off the line on to another set of interchangeable needles.  I would have stuck with those, but no matter how tight I screw them together, they always seem to come undone which is toooooo frustrating for me.  So, I picked up some new addi Turbo Rockets today.  I’ve heard many people love them so I thought I would check them out.  I’m also hoping they are less enticing to chew on.  I normally don’t like metal needles, but these aren’t bad so far.  They have nice pointy tips which are nice for the KFB’s on this project.

As far as my other projects, i’ve still got my super secret one going.  I have actually been working on it too!  It sat on the back burner for a long time.  When I restarted working on it I was really cooking on it, then somehow turned my work in the middle of a row and proceeded to knit another row or two after my booboo turn.  I was very discouraged it and looking at ways to tear back my project and was uninspired by those.  Laura came to my rescue and tore it back for me Sunday.  She is an angel!  I paid her in Panera cookies 🙂

I made a chunky cowl from a pattern I saw on Pinterest.  I don’t know why I am so obsessed with knitting cowls and keep knitting them.  I don’t even wear them!  I guess I’ll throw it on the pile.  Maybe i’ll donate it or throw it in when someone is doing a craft fair.  I really enjoy knitting in the round, I guess.  I love the mindlessness of it 🙂

I still have a corner to corner baby blanket in the works too.  That one has been pushed to the way back of the stove at the moment.

Variety is the spice of life, right?  I like to have options when I want to sit down and knit!  Don’t think I won’t start another project, either!  I have a baby jacket I want to work on, I just need to pin down the book that the pattern is in…

So.  What do you have going on your needles or hook?


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