Currents – May 2015

Hi!  I saw this a couple of places and thought it would make for a fun getting to know me blog post.

So here goes.  Currently I am:

Loving: Cool spring weather
Hoping: My foot heals quickly!
Reading:  Ella Enchanted and Red Rising (book club pick)
Watching: Silicon Valley on HBO
Splurging: New laptop!
Planning: All the productivity I can get done with a laptop that works!
Craving: Exercising that doesn’t make my foot hurt!
Wearing: the usual…scrubs for work and super casual the rest of the time!
Knitting: Hitchhiker scarf, baby sweater (I need to fix it…or frog it and try again….) and super secret project.
Drinking: I’ve been on a cream soda kick.  Also, Sprite LeBron Mix is good even if it is hard to find!
Eating: Homemade deep dish pizza.  Yum!  Excited to try it again.
Wondering: How these dogs manage to get cuter every day.
Remembering: Fishing off the dock with Grandma. I’ve been really missing her more than ever these last few weeks!
Anticipating: Time fishing with my dad and niece.  Time to get out on the lake!

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