Too many irons

Yes.  Its true.  I have too many proverbial irons in the fire.  There is so much I want to do, yet so little time!

I have resolved to get some projects off my needles before putting any new ones on them!  I did succeed in getting a baby blanket off last week.  It took me another week to get the ends weaved/sewed in.  It still needs washed.  It is for a friend that just had a baby.  My intent was to mail it to her, along with a blanket I already had done for her older daughter (its rough being the big sister and see baby getting all kind of presesnts) but I just found out earlier today that she will be in town next week so I can deliver them in person!  Now to get them washed up!  I think  I will wait until later in the week to try to negate some of the dog hair they will end up with on them.

I have a few other projects on needles right now too.  Lets see…there is:

  • A super secret project that has been in the works since the fall.  It is a straight forward and mindless project, just too big to cart around many places.
  • A Hitchhiker scarf that I have also been working on since the fall.  It is an easy 8 row repeat but as you get on in the projects the rows are really long!  It is getting there tho.  It is my current “carry along” project.
  • A Baby Surprise Jacket that something went wrong with, so it’s currently in the time out pile.  I had an intended recipient but her due date is quickly approaching and I don’t see the project coming out of time out in time to be done.
  • A scarf that I got the yarn for at the LYS in Winterset, Iowa when we went up for the Fiberfest earlier this year.  I bought it as a kit.  It came with samples of all the colorways of the KFI Luxury Collection.  Its an easy knit, done in the round then sew both ends up.  It’s usually my purse project but the hitchhiker has taken precedence for now.

I think that is all my projects at the moment.  I also have several skeins of yarn waiting in the wings that my friend and I have dyed.  I want to make some monsters from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters, which I currently have checked out from the library.  I will have to return it and re-check it out when I am actually ready to knit some monsters.  NO NEW PROJECTS!  Well, knitting projects maybe…

There are SO many crafty things I want to do!  There are cute little counted cross stitch projects I would like to attempt, I have a bunch of buttons that came in my grandmas sewing kit I want to do something fun with, I want to do salt dough doggie nose and paw prints, and countless other things.  I should really step away from Pinterest, me thinks.  Hah.  Fat Chance.

Ok, now off to do some reading.  Which, unfortunately, doesn’t mesh well with other crafty stuffs!


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