Whats in your (knitting) bag?

I may be a little obsessed with seeing “Whats in your purse” posts on Flickr.  What better way to adapt this to a crafty life?  There is frequently a project in my purse for those moments you are out and about and have a little free time on your hands.

What about your knitting/crafting bag?  Are there things that are constant?  Is it always the same bag?

Currently I am using a Thirty-One bag to house my to-go items.  I always have my little notions box in my bag of the moment as well as something to write on/with.  Right now one of my projects is big enough, that I need a bigger bag like this one to carry it around in.  Also hanging out in the bag is 2 other projects that I can work on when I need something different.  My little projects I store in gallon size Ziploc bags to ensure their safety.  I have a cat (and dog, sometimes) that loves to go exploring in my bag looking for things to drag about…

My Bag

Project Bag

Inside my bag

A view inside

My notions box (which closes to make sure everything is snug as a bug)


Hitchhiker scarf

Hitchhiker in bag

A project waiting to happen

Waiting project

So, whats in your bag?


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