Yarn Dyeing!

Back at the end of March when Laura and I went to the Heartland Fiber Fest we were inspired to dye some yarn of our own.  So much so that we purchased some acid dyes while we were there.  We each picked two colors and brought our purchase home aspiring to dye some yarn!


Fast forward to quite a few weeks later when we actually dyed some yarn!  We used our crockpots to heat the water and be our dyeing tubs.Yarn dyeing in crockpot

We were pouring out of little bowls, and this made for some messy pours, hence the more blue than pink in my pot.

The crockpot worked beautifully for the whole process and we learned a lot for next time!  I dyed a skein of 100% wool and Laura dyed a skein of something that didn’t have as much of the fibers the acid dye really takes to, hence her muted colors.  They are still beautiful though!  Mine, the wool, is on the left and Lauras, the mixed fiber, is on the right.

completed dyed yarn 2Lauras dyed yarn

A week or so later we had another go at it.  This time I did one out of Fishermans Wool from Lion Brand and another out of 100% cotton.  The cotton took the dye, but was very muted.  Next time we do cotton, we are going to try tye-dye dyes!  Here are my yarns for the second go around drying (yes, hanging from my chandelier over the dining room table!).

drying yarnNow we both have the dyeing yarn bug!  We want to try different techniques and yarns and all the stuff!

But first…I need to decide on what to knit up with these beauties!


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