Another one off the needles!

Otherwise known as the project that made me not hate purling so much.  Seriously.  It happened.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still don’t love purling and would choose knit stitch if given the choice, but something clicked and I figured out a good rhythm for it.  There were a few ups and downs in the making of this blanket and it would sit in the time out pile for weeks at a time.  Laura even rescued me once when she knitted it back for me after I had turned my work in the middle of the row, messing the whole thing up.

This is a blanket I started last summer, I believe.  It will go on its way to its recipient tomorrow.  She doesn’t know its coming and I plan for it just to show up at her house, unannounced.  I’m excited and I think she will be too!

I double stranded the yarns using Caron Simply Soft Party in Silver Sparkle and Caron Simply Soft in Purple (my favorite blanket yarns).  I made up the pattern as I went and really like the way it turned out!

It came of the needles last night and I even got all the ends sewed in already.  I will wash it this afternoon and get it packed up to go tomorrow!

Ali's blanket folded

Ali’s blanket folded

Ali's blanket on the couch

An artful drape over the couch… 🙂


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