WIP Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday!  I thought I would just update on my works in process today.  I have finished a couple of my long haul projects, the last of which I mailed out earlier this afternoon.  Now I think I will tie up some of the loose ends, so to speak, of the projects in my bag.

First I have my Hitchhiker scarf.  I put this one down for long periods at a time but have been back at it recently.  I can see the ball of yarn getting smaller too which helps me want to finish it!

Hitchhiker in progress

My Hitchhiker scarf in progress

Also in my bag is this scarf I put down for a LONG time.  When I started it, it was going to be a gift for my grandma, but she has since passed away.  I came across it again over the weekend and decided to pick it back up.  I really enjoy the look of this stitch and its a super easy 4 row repeat pattern.  The pattern is called “Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks” and can be found on ravelry.

Star stitch

My Star Stitch Scarf in process

In my purse is my scarf project, but that is not close to me for a photo op.  It is just a straight knitted in the round pattern from a kit I bought at the Heartland Fiber Fest in the spring.

Also in the bottom of my bag is some yarn in waiting.  I have my dyed yarn and a new skein of the new Ice Cream yarn from Lion Brand.  With the dyed yarn I think I will make a little stuffed animal, I’m not sure what to do yet with the Ice Cream tho so it sits safely in its ziplock baggie (to keep the cats from rummaging around in my bag and taking off with it!) in the bottom of my bag.

yarn in waiting

Yarn in waiting

So what are you working on?


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