Lunches with Dad – Longboards

This week it was my turn to choose the place.  It’s a repeat for me, but I felt that dad needed to try a local favorite, Longboards.

Now usually when I pick a repeat place for me, I try something new.  This time I just couldn’t do it though.  It had been over a year since I had last been there and I got my favorite, the Country Boy.  It is on their “OG Menu” which means its really big!  Luckily Audrey went with us too and we shared it.  Dad picked a cool style wrap, the Orange Chicken and Carrie had the Cabo Beef.  I did try something new when I tasted the Thai Ice Tea that Carrie got.  It was sweet and yummy!  I will be getting my own next time I go!

Dads Orange Chicken Cool Style Wrap

Dads Orange Chicken Cool Style Wrap


My “OG” Country Boy Wrap

So what did we all think?

Me: 4.5

Dad: 3

Carrie:  4


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