Weekend Update

Oh holiday weekends, how I wish there were more of you.  It’s been pretty nice around here.

I had to work Friday since we don’t get “Independence Day, Observed” off at the pet hospital.  It was a good day though.  I will say that I have done enough toenail trims and anal sac expressions this week to last a lifetime though… #vettechprobs

I started a new baby blanket on Friday too.  A friend is having a baby next month so I figured I should get on the ball!  I was knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket (I talked about here) for her but it ended up officially getting frogged last weekend.  It was just not going well.  I will try it again, but need to give it a break.  I had some yarn that I really liked in my stash that was one of those whim purchases.  I got 2 skeins of it on clearance a couple years ago, with no project in mind.  It was too thin on its own, so I paired it with a thin, plain cream colored yarn to bulk it up.  I’m really liking the way its turning out.  I am doing a corner to corner knitted pattern, the Diagonal Comfort Blanket from Lion Brand.  For sizing my plan is to go until the first skein is almost done, then start decreasing.  They are pretty big skeins, over 500 yards each.

The yarns

The yarns

Blanket in progress

Blanket in progress

Yesterday morning/afternoon was filled with laziness and knitting and naps.  In the evening we participated in our 4th of July family tradition: airfield time!  This involves eating yummy grilled foods, watching guys fly (model airplanes), watching people shoot roman candles at airplanes and lots of fireworks.  After dark you can catch glimpses of fireworks going off around the city, which is really cool.  We put on our own cool display too.  The weather was perfect!  Of course I had some knitting with me too.

Knitting and Fireworks, a good day!

Knitting and Fireworks, a good day!

Today started with my standing Starbucks date for coffee, chatting and knitting.  I love Sunday mornings at Starbucks.  It’s been a pretty low key day so far.  BFF and Laura brought Chipotle for dinner and now we are watching the World Cup while banana bread bakes in the oven.  My house smells yummy right now!  I am trying a new banana bread recipe, as I have yet to find one I love yet.  A few weeks ago I made this delicious banana cake and I am trying baking my bread like I did this cake…low and slow.  My house smells so good right now.  I will post the recipe later if it gets approved by the committee 🙂

Banana Bread in the oven

Banana Bread in the oven


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time relaxing over the weekend! (Definitely my kind of holiday weekend too.)

    I hope your banana bread turned out yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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