Ten on Tuesday – Staycation Edition

Todays Ten on Tuesday topic is all about “staycations”.  I do love me a good staycation as its nice to have the time off work on the cheap.  Without further ado: 10 Favorite Things To Do On A Summer Staycation

1.  Sleep in!  The dogs don’t always (ever) allow for this, but I can usually get away with getting them fed and pottied and jumping back in to bed and cuddle with them

2.  Read!  It’s something I love doing but I don’t take nearly enough time to just sit down and read.

3.  Try some new restaurants.  KC has so many restaurants to try and Dad and I are making an effort every week to check more off the list!

4.  Squeeze yarn.  Always and forever.  Even if I don’t buy any yarn, its always fun to go look and feel and squeeze!  We have a few great yarn shops around within a 20-30 minute drive from home.

5.  Knitting.  Duh.  🙂

6.  Get caught up on houseworky stuff.  I know, boring.  BUT, there is something so satisfying with getting the boring stuff done!

7.  Try some new recipes.  My Pinterest board is a million pins long with stuff to try!

8.  Go to a Royals game.  GO ROYALS!!!  Love those boys in blue.

9.  Go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum.  There is always something new to discover there, even in the exhibits that i’ve seen several times before.  Plus?  It’s free!

10. Take the camera out exploring.  I love a good photography day.  I really need to get out there with my camera, staycation or no!

What are your favorite staycation activities?


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