Lunches with Dad – Ming Dragon

This week it was my turn to choose the restaurant.  I had a place chosen, but it wasn’t exciting me this morning.  So, I let Audrey have some say.  She was in the mood for Chinese food.  Not just any Chinese food, but a buffet.  We have an old favorite close to home but decided not to invoke the repeat exception and take a chance.

This led us to Ming Dragon, in Liberty.  I’m not going to lie.  Its unimpressive to look at, both outside and in.  We were greeted right off by a very nice server and seated.  Our drink orders were taken and we were invited to help ourselves to the buffet.  The buffet had the standard choices of most Chinese buffets.  The egg drop soup and crab rangoon were both good.  This buffet also had delicious chicken dumplings/potstickers which I hadn’t seen before (on a buffet).  The dessert buffet was pudding and jello and an assortment of cookies.  I was very amused with the fig newtons and generic cream sandwich cookies that were featured on the bar.  We all got our fill.  I will go back as it seems to have good bang for the buck.


Dad: 3

Me: 3.5

Audrey 3.5

I think we would all agree that even though overall scores make it look like we didn’t enjoy it, if we compared it just to other Chinese buffets, it would score higher.


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