New knitting endeavor

So. I’m trying something new for me…socks!  I haven’t ever tried a pair because I hate DPNs and haven’t yet gotten the hang of the magic loop method. That, and anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like “fiddly” projects for the most part.

A couple weeks ago I saw a book on Pinterest called Knit Your Socks on Straight and was intrigued. It calls for knitting them in the flat then seeming them once in the end. Color me interested!  After checking the library for a copy (no dice there) it was off to Amazon to purchase it!

Today on my lunch I found this pretty sock yarn on clearance and got a pair of needles to go along with it. I chose circulars because I have theiving cats and dog and I like to always know where my other needle is. I’m funny that way. Here’s to nothing!

Don’t mind what looks like a tangled mess…its just yarn barf.

Update 2 hours later (not dedicated knitting time…I’m not that slow!): ripped out 2.5 rows…ribbing wasn’t ribbing. Let’s try this again…


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