A week in review…

I feel like its been a pretty low key sort of week, but I managed a few adventures.  As far as my current knitting adventure, the socks, I haven’t really made much progress.  I’m still working on the cuff of the first sock.  My knitting will probably be on hold for a little bit as I tried to cut off my thumb making lunch today and it makes holding my needles a little tough at the moment. 😦

I made my own Niddy Noddy, something I didn’t even know existed until our Field Trip to the Farm.  With $4.02 in supplies, I now have a great way to wind yarn into hanks for dyeing!

My home made Niddy Noddy

My home made Niddy Noddy

Josh and I went on a food adventure in Westport.  We tried Sama Zama, a Japanese restaurant.  It was…different.  We got an appetizer of Danshaku Korokee (potato croquettes) which was pretty good.  For our meal Josh got Tonkotsu Ramen and I got a Classic Okonomi Yaki with chicken.  We both started off OK with our meals then they quickly became overwhelming for the both of us.  Neither of us finished our meal or the leftovers.  It was nice to try something new though, I would try other things there too, I think.

Josh's Ramen and my "pancake"

Josh’s Ramen and my “pancake”

Thursday was my last Thursday with my niece before school started.  I can’t believe she’s starting middle school already!  Where does the time go???  We (Audrey and I, Josh came along too!) decided to go on an adventure to finish off the summer.  We ended up going to Moon Marble and checking the place out.  It was pretty cool.  We got to see how handmade marbles are made and their store was fun to look around in.  It would be an excellent place to go for fun little jokey gifts.  Of course we had to hit up the picture opportunity outside…  After Moon, we went to Dave and Busters too to play some games and then finished off the day with some good ole fashioned Frozen Custard!

Audrey and I at Moon Marble Company

Audrey and I at Moon Marble Company

Yesterday Mom and Audrey and I participated in some retail therapy and a nice lunch where I introduced them to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Ponaks.  My only purchase was a coloring book (and the colored pencils I bought earlier in the day at the store) for adults!  I’ve been coloring quite a bit since yesterday, including this morning, at coffee time, when Carrie and Laura and I all broke out our coloring in Starbucks and went to town!



Now its Sunday and time to start getting ready for another week of work.  Oh the excitement!


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