Lunches with Dad – A little BBQ Joint

This week Dad and I weren’t going to go to lunch because we both had busy schedules.  Hungry stomach prevailed on Thursday, though, and we decided to meet Josh at A Little BBQ Joint in Independence.  In the interest of full disclosure, it was not Josh or I’s first time there, but it was Dads!

As usual, they did not disappoint.  Dad and Josh both got Dinner Plates with brisket and I got a Brisket Melt Sandwich (on a bun instead of the usual rye bread).  It was all delicious.  One of the big plusses for Josh is that the meat comes out without sauce.  They have 3 sauces to choose from on the table, so you control the sauce.

Dad scored it only a couple of minutes into the meal, he was that impressed.  We both give it a solid 4.5/5.

(pretend that we took a picture to post here before we had devoured it all…)


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