Ten on Tuesday

This weeks writing prompt: 10 Things You Did This Weekend

This is the perfect subject for me this week!  My boyfriend and I went on our first official, non family related, vacation.  Albeit a short one, it still counts!  It’s been a particularly stressful past month or so and I decided that we were leaving town.  I didn’t care where we went, but we weren’t staying home!

So without further ado:

  1. Worked Saturday – they tend to be quick days for us since they are only 9-12, this one was no exception
  2. Road Tripped with my dogs – first one ever!
  3. Ate BBQ – twice!
  4. Saw a castle at HaHa Tonka State Park
  5. Saw the clearest water i’ve ever seen in Missouri – at Ha Ha State Park near the spring
  6. Drove aimlessly – this was a trip with no real plan.  Just motel reservations.
  7. Took pictures on said State Park adventure – my poor DSLR camera doesn’t get any attention anymore.  She needed a workout
  8. Knitted – duh!
  9. Read
  10. Didn’t cook a single meal – it was NICE
The sunset Saturday night

The sunset Saturday night

What about you?


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