WIP Wednesday(ish)

This week dad is out of town at a flying event so there is no Lunches with dad this week. It will probably be sketchy for the next month or so because he has several events here at the end of the good flying weather.

I am terrible at finishing old things before I start new ones, strongly evidenced by my half finished knitting projects. I also have 3 books checked out to my Kindle from the library that have been “returned” but its in airplane mode so hasn’t gotten the memo. Whoops. AND I keep fighting the urge to get out my sewing machine and start learning how to and using it.

If you want to see my current reads, they are over in the sidebar…

As for knitting projects, I have:

  • The star stitch scarf I have been working on FOREVER. It went on the back burner almost a year ago when the intended recipient, my grandma, passed away. It’s only been recently that I have decided to actually finish it and find it a home

.Star stitch

  • My scarf that I got as a kit from Heartland Fiber Company when Laura and I went up for a “fiberpalooza” this spring. It is my go to mindless project as it is straight knitting done in the round. No counting, no thinking, put it down and pick it up anytime. It’s my go-to purse project.
Heartland scarf - purse project extraordinaire...

Heartland scarf – purse project extraordinaire…

  • A hat that I cast on a couple weeks ago with my Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn that I was so excited about. Its just a simple hat and the body is done, I just need to work on the crown and finish it up. I couldn’t find my DPN’s for a bit and that’s what stopped me there. That and the fact it started requiring a little bit more than just knitting in the round to start decreasing. I am a little disappointed in the yarn tho, its knitting up fine and I love the color gradient going on, but I find the yarn very inconsistent in thickness in places and it has several “pilled” areas in the yarn. I am hoping it is confined to this skein but am skeptical that is the case. I will get another skein, I believe and try it out again because I really do like the yarn colors and color changes.  (No pic…too lazy to find it right now…)
  • A sock. I bought that book about knitting socks flat and have one on the needles. It isn’t very far along and honestly – I don’t hold out much hope on it…  (No pic either, see above)
  • Lastly (I think, anyway) is a shawl that I started a week or so ago for my grandma. I drove up to St Joesph to check out the Red Barn Yarn Farm store finally. We had gone to the dyeing workshop but I had never been to the store. I picked up some Cascade Farms yarn that is a really soft and silky acrylic and they helped me look for some patterns. I finally settled on one and cast this baby on. Its a super simple 4 row repeat for the body and is going pretty well so far. Halloween is my goal to have it done.
Grandmas Shawl

Grandmas Shawl

I’m sure I am forgetting a project in there somewhere. For once, I don’t have a blanket going. I have lots of Caron Simply Soft on hand though so it could happen at any time. I may just start one with all the odds and ends I have and see how it turns out.  Also as a part of my yarn stash, I have quite a bit of hand dyed yarn that I need to do something with. My original plan was to do some knitted monsters or owls but that hasn’t happened quite yet…like so many other projects.

OH!  I did finish a project that I don’t think I told you lovelies about!  I FINALLY FINISHED THE HITCHHIKER SCARF!!!  It needs blocked and a better picture taken…but here it is!  I really like how it turned out, but I struggle with if I will actually wear it or not…  Time will tell 🙂

Completed Hitchhiker scarf!

Completed Hitchhiker scarf!

Now?  It’s time for bed.  I’m going to trust that my boys in blue can hold it together for another 2 innings and win this game.  Guess I will find out in the morning.


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