Ten on Tuesday

Ahhhh…a very relevant topic this week, being Thanksgiving week in the US and all.  Without further ado:

10 Things You Are Thankful For Right Now

  1. My health.  I am able to do what I need to do and take care of others when I need to.
  2. My parents health.  I love them so much
  3. My sister, niece and brother and law.
  4. My friends – I don’t know what I would do without them.
  5. Josh.
  6. My furry family.  They are the best and know how to give the best cuddles, right when I need them most.
  7. Music and books.  Some times you just need to get out of your head, you know?
  8. Grandma’s.  Mine is awesome.
  9. My job and co-workers.  They are always there in a pinch to fill in.
  10. Shelter – it may not be much, but its home.

2/3’s of the canine crew around here, Pickle and Noodle


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