Ten on Tuesday

This weeks Ten on Tuesday topic:  10 Best Things You Did in November.

I will say that it seems like it has been a long and trying month, but there is some good that happened!  Here we go!

  1. Watched our Boys in Blue with the 2015 World Series!  Go Royals!
  2. Sewed and gave my Grandma, Uncles and Dad pillows made from my Grandpas old work shirts.
  3. Yarn adventures with Laura
  4. Received TWO boxes of goodies from my awesome buddy in Ireland! (I’m in a swap group that swaps goodies from your country)
  5. Elegant Dinner Party with friends, its a (delicious) tradition!
  6. Bought some coveted yarn that I wouldn’t normally treat myself to
  7. Was able to help out Dad before surgery and in the recovery process.  My co-workers are awesome.
  8. Thanksgiving celebrations with both sides of my family.
  9. Friendsgiving.
  10. Survived…much credit to Josh, my friends and my furry babies.

A fuzzy picture of all my fuzzy babies on my lap!


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