Lunches with Dad – Silver Spoon Cafe and Herrdura Mexican Restaurant

This post is a two-fer.  I forgot to post about our visit to the Silver Spoon Cafe a couple of weeks ago and then this past week we went to Herrdura Mexican Restaurant.  Both of these were Dad pick weeks as it turns out.

I recently gave dad a map that I picked up at the conference I went to here in town earlier this fall.  It has all the food/drink venues in the downtown area listed on it.  It may be our new “restaurant bible”.  He used this newfound map to choose the Silver Spoon Cafe.   There are two locations downtown and we visited the one Wyandotte location.

Thursday was the day we were there and the special that day was Taco Salad/ Nachos.  I chose the taco salad and dad chose the Nachos.  Both were decent meals.  I would go back to try other things.  They have quite the menu but we were so overwhelmed, we both just went for the special.


My taco salad, Dads nachos not pictured!

The best part of the meal, however?  Dessert.  They have homemade cookies for sale on plates.  Dad chose a plate of iced sugar cookies.  They were fabulous.  Buttery and perfect.  YUM!



Scores for Silver Spoon?  Me: 3, Dad: 3  I think we both want to go back and try more things and get more of those sugar cookies…


Next up is this last weeks lunch in Excelsior Springs.  We decided to make a trip up to Excelsior to get a new trailer jack and do some looking around at a couple of thrift/”junk” shops and thought we would try another Excelsior restaurant.  This one happened to be Herrdura Mexican Restaurant.

Its a nice little place with your standard Mexican fare menu.  I don’t remember what we all got (and there is a lack of photographic evidence).  The Mexican rice was very good and my meal was solid.  Dad and Audrey both agreed.  What really stood out was Dad loves Flan and he believes that they have the BEST flan he has ever tasted.

I don’t think we would drive all the way up there to eat there, but would definitely stop in if we were in the area and wanted a solid Mexican meal.

Scores?  Me: 3.5, Dad: 3.5 (He gives the flan a 5+!)



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