Whats in your camera roll?

The other day at work we were talking about what “normal” people had in their phone camera rolls.  I always have my phone with me and it is my main camera these days (sadly enough).  My photo stream is dominated by animal pictures.  I would say a good 85% of those are of my own pets, but the rest are pictures from work.  The work pictures range from cute puppy and kitten pictures to post-op surgery pictures.  Sometimes its fun to watch people scroll thru my pictures and come across gross pictures (see: surgery pictures).

I thought it would be fun to show a smattering (no gross work pictures) of what is in my camera roll.


My newest crafty “display”.  Buttons from my grandmas collection and my own.


Cinnamon roll from Corner Cafe that Dad and I splurged on last week.


Sometimes you just need to remember what was delicious so you can buy some for yourself.


Selfie with a recovering patient.


Adventure to the AC/Furnace warehouse


Sometimes you go looking for a new recliner and end up buying this instead…


Half work, half personal picture.  My own cat getting ready for a laser treatment at work. Smile!



It’s always hard to properly catch the true beauty of a sunset…


When your niece takes 30 selfies on your phone.


Documenting the scanning and explaining of old family photographs


More adorable pictures of my own pets

Also there are tons more food pics.  Be it steps of recipes or meals we have eaten so I can make posts with them, there are lots of them.

So.  What dominates your camera roll/photostream?


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