Lunches with Dad – The North End

It never fails to amaze me  that there are SO man different food options in this town.  Dad and I have tried a lot of places so far and I know we have barely scratched the surface.

Dads last pick took us to the Columbus Park area of town again, to The North End.  It is a small place with an obvious large following.  There is a bar and a few tables to sit at.  You order at the counter and then find a table and they bring your food to you.

Too be honest, I think we were both a little thrown off when we got there.  The problem, at least for us, is when you have to order at the counter off a big menu on the wall we both really feel the pressure to hurry up and just order the first thing that sounds good.  For both of us that day, it was the special, which was Beef Stroganoff.  Dad also added on an order of the Fried Meatballs on a whim.


Fried Meatball Appetizer

We had a fairly short wait for our food, and our appetizers and entrees came out at the same time.  The meat balls were big!  They had nice seasoning to them and the marinara sauce to dip them in was good.  They were nice and moist, too.

Our stroganoff was good too.  It’s different from the stroganoff I was raised on but it was a nice difference.  The portion was generous and came with a side of hot bread too.  Dad was super impressed that the meals came on actual plates, which you wouldn’t normally expect from the way the restaurant is set up.


So.  What did we think?  We both had a good meal and would go again.

Scores?  ME: 3.5, Dad: 4


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