Lunches with Dad – Peachtree Buffet

Aaaannnddd…we’re back!  After taking a month off due to illness, travel and work Dad and I were back at it today.

Looking back I realize the Ay! Chihuahua was actually Dad’s last pick (write ups not necessarily in order…) so this week should have been my pick and pay but we had this on the radar and it worked out well so we went for it.  I got the next two weeks of paying, Dad! (FYI, if you didn’t know…we switch back and forth picking and paying for lunches)

So.  The Peachtree Soulfood Buffet was our destination of choice.  Dad had been there, a couple years ago but thought it was a must try for me.

Peachtree sits right of 435 an Eastwood Trafficway in an unassuming building.  Facing the street is the buffet restaurant and around the corner, in the same building, is a cafe (but we went to the buffet).

We arrived shortly after their 11 opening time and were the first patrons there.  They had an assortment of hot and fresh foods on the bar and ready to go.  Upon perusal of their website (just a few minutes ago) I see that they feature different meats and such on different days.

All of today’s offerings were yummy.  I liked everything I tried and so did Dad.  They also had a good selection of desserts including peach cobbler, chocolate cake and other cakes.  The cakes were portioned out in a case already.  The slices looked skimpy but in reality they were perfect size for desserts.  I didn’t get many pictures as we were too busy enjoying our meal!


My first plate on the left, Dad’s on the right

We had a great meal and I will most certainly be back, with new people in tow.


Dad: 4, Me: 4.5



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