Knitting – New project alert!

Wow.  It’s been quite a while since I talked about any knitting.  To be honest, its been a hot minute since i’ve done much knitting.

In yarn adventures I got to check out a cool knitting shop in Vegas called Sin City Knit Shop.  I didn’t get to spend much time there but it had a really cool atmosphere and friendly people!  I picked up needles and stitch markers for a shawl/cowl project I started while I was out there.  I used a yarn I got at a local fiber event earlier in the winter (hand dyed from Th’Red Head), but haven’t gotten further than row 3.  Sadly, I need to check my stitch count before I go further (all 305 of them!).  That project is in time out for now…


my beautiful hand dyed yarn

Over the weekend Laura and I went to Winterset, Iowa for our second annual Heartland Fiberpalooza trip.  We both treated ourselves to a skein of the softest alpaca yarn.  I am going to make a quick scarf just so I can have that heavenly softness near my face whenever possible.


Other than these projects, on my needles still are the never ending scarf that I bought LAST year at Fiberpalooza and my Grandmas shawl.  I really only have a couple inches left to go on the shawl but am just kind of stalled as the rows seem ssoooooooooooo long! #knittingproblems


2 thoughts on “Knitting – New project alert!

  1. OMG, isn’t it funny how we get so turned off a knitting project, only to turn to another knitting project, and actually never stop to think they ALL use the same exact technique!. Good luck on finishing.


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