Day off!

I have been trying to be pretty low key these days, after a hectic last couple of months.   Dad and I lunched at Panera early this week before his doctors appointment.  Nothing exciting there, but always a decent meal in my opinion.  I am loving their Apple, Cheddar and Turkey sandwich but on Tomato Basil bread instead of the cranberry walnut nonsense it usually comes on.

Today was a lovely day off.  I got to catch up with a friend that I haven’t seen in too long and finally meet her baby and give her the baby present I made her!

After that I came home and put my dogs in their adorable sweaters and had a photo shoot out back since it was such a pleasantly sunny day.  They were not amused by the photo shoot and it was really hard to get all 3 in one shot!


Almost Christmas card worthy, if I did that…

I also read 80% of this months book club book, The Sense of an Ending, for tonights meeting.  I didn’t enjoy it and either did the others in the group that read it.  I would have given it 0 stars if 0 was an option on Goodreads.  Back to The Goldfinch for me!  In fact, I think I shall go curl up and get to reading.  Maybe i’ll finish it this time before my loan from the library is up on it.  I love Overdrive and being able to check out books to my Kindle!


My reading partner.  Somebody is glad to be back home after her stint in the “hospital”.


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