Lunches with Dad – Ponaks

After a couple weeks off, Dad and I got back in the lunch game today.  It was my week to choose.  I was in the mood for Mexican food.  Not any Mexican food, however.  I wanted a sure thing that wasn’t covered in cilantro.  Therefore, I invoked the repeat rule this week and we went to Ponaks.

I did learn something about the salsa at Ponaks last time I went, but didn’t get to test it until this time.  If its too warm, ask for the “extra mild” salsa and then you can mix it and make something in between!  I do really enjoy their salsa, but it does tend to get a little warm sometimes.  I guess that’s what happens when you make it in batches in house, and i’m OK with that.

I got my usual, which is a “Number 1”.  It is a LOT of food and you get 2 enchiladas (ground beef, please), a tostada, a taco and beans and rice.  Dad got the lunch special which was a chicken chimichanga covered in cheese sauce with rice and beans.  We both got our fill and had some to bring home.  Mine is going to be eaten shortly for dinner, as a matter of fact. 🙂

We are both sticking with our original scores for this one.  ME: 5, DAD: 4

Top: my "Number 1" Bottom: dads Chimichanga lunch special

Top: my “Number 1”
Bottom: dads Chimichanga lunch special


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