Lunches with Dad -North Kansas City Cafe

North Kansas City Cafe!  This was a choice of mine that has been on the radar for awhile and we finally made it happen.

Placed along the main strip in North Kansas City its a cozy place with TWA memorabilia all over the place (which pleased dad).  They serve Greek/Mediterranean food and are open for breakfast and lunch thru the week.

We started off with an appetizer of the House Sampler which gave us a little bit of everything.  The hummus was very good and my favorite was (what I think was) a roasted red pepper dip that I mixed with the hummus.  Our least favorite was the dolmades, but not because they were bad, persay, they just weren’t our thing.


All three of us ordered gyros.  Audrey and I and went with the steak while Dad stuck with the traditional gyro meat.  We all got a different side with our gyro.  Dad got chips, I got fries and Audrey got a salad.

It was more than enough food and we all enjoyed the something different aspect.  In hindsight, I wish I had gone with the traditional gyro meat instead of the steak after trying some of the meat from dads gyro.  Next time!

Even though we were full, dessert was had by all.  How could you say no to free dessert  (due to a mishap earlier in the meal with the appetizer that they wanted to make up for)?  We went with the Baklava and was not disappointed!   How had I never had this before in my life?!?  It was flaky and sweet and wonderful!

NKC Cafe took us all out of our comfort zone as far as cuisine but we all had a good meal and will definitely try it again!


Lunches with Dad – The Blue Line

Hi!  It has been awhile!  Summer is a busy time for everyone and its harder for Dad and I to get our schedules aligned as easy to have lunch on a regular basis.  We have gone to a couple places in the last month and a half.  This one was a Dad pick, The Blue Line.

The Blue Line is on Walnut, near the City Market.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is a bar as the food there is great!

When we got there, we picked a seat near the window so we could do some people watching as we ate.  The place is decorated in hockey gear and memorabilia as you would expect with it being a hockey bar and such.

As we are to do lately, we started with an appetizer.  We went with the “Locker Shrooms”.  If you are a fan of mushrooms, these are a MUST.  If you are on the fence about mushrooms, these are a MUST.  I am usually pretty ambivalent about mushrooms but these are a MUST HAVE.  They are huge portobello mushrooms that are sliced into long potato wedge type slices then breaded and fried.  They are served with a side of what they call “comeback sauce”.  I also asked for some ranch because ranch is awesome with anything fried!  These were perfect.  I want to go back right now for some more of these.


For meals Dad and I both went with sandwiches.  I went with the “Sabres  Chicken Sammie” with a side of onion rings and Dad had the “Blues Bacon Turkey Club” with tater tots.



Both of us really enjoyed our sandwiches. There was an aioli on my sandwich that really pulled the whole thing together. Oh. The onion rings. They were huge and cooked perfectly. Soft and sweet and perfect. Mmmmmmmmm!!!

I have recommended this place to many people since we went there and want to take people there.


Dad: 4, Me: 4.5

Lunches with Dad – Luna Azteca

This past week we switched up our lunch day due to both of our schedules and went for a Monday lunch instead of our usual Thursday lunch.  Dad met me at work and we went to a local place to my work that I had never tried, Luna Azteca, at  I29 and 64th Street in the Burlington Creek shopping center.

You get chips and salsa when you sit down.  The chips were good and the salsa, while it had cilantro in it, it wasn’t overwhelming and was actually pretty good to this cilantro hating girl.  We also started off with Azteca (cheese) dip because its Mexican food and why not?  We only got a half order of cheese dip and it was still a generous portion.


For our meals, Dad chose the Pollo Asado with cheese on top and I went for the Royal Burrito with chicken, beef, lettuce, cheese and sour cream in it (you could customize it).

As far as meals go, it was a good meal but pretty common as far as Mexican restaurants go.  Dad had never had a poblano chile and wasn’t fond of it but live and learn!  My plate was very visually boring but the burrito was chocked full of yummy stuff and very good.  I couldn’t even finish it all!

I would go back and may even try some carry out some time for something different to have at lunchtime at work.  I hear they have a good Taco Tuesday special.  May have to check that out sometime too.


Dad: 3, Me: 3.5

Lunches with Dad – Meatball District

A couple weeks ago we went to Meatball District!  It is located down on 39th Street close to KU Med.  Maybe its the Voelker neighborhood?  If not, its super close to there.  I have driven thru that area many times but never realized there were so many places to eat down there!  I had heard about Meatball District randomly somewhere and it piqued my interest and I knew we needed to try it.

It’s a cozy little place with quite a bit of seating.  We chose a seat at the high top table in the window so we could spy on the neighborhood.  We have been into appetizers lately and decided to start off with the Fried Mac and Cheese Bites.  They did not disappoint, either.  Mac and cheese goodness fried up and served with a ranch dipping sauce.


For our meals, we both chose different preparations of our balls.  Dad went with the spaghetti.  When you order the spaghetti, you get to choose your meat for the meatballs, the sauce and the noodles.  He went with 2 beef and 2 pork meatballs, the classic tomato sauce and the seasonal vegetable noodle which was made from zucchini.  I went with the Baguette.  I chose 2 chicken and 2 beef meatballs and went with 1/2 classic tomato sauce an 1/2 Parmesan sauce (I was feeling very conflicted on what I wanted).  Mine also came with french fries and a drink.


It was a very tasty meal!  The meatballs were a bit spicier than we expected but they all had very good flavor.  The sauces were also very good.  Dad was out of his comfort zone with the zucchini noodles but ended up liking them when he got them.  The lunch special I got was a very good deal especially since it included a soft drink.  We would both go again to try some more items!  My only regret is that we didn’t try the home made Ice Cream Sandwiches!


Dad: 4, Me: 4

Lunches with Dad – The Homesteader Cafe and KC Streetcar!

Early in May Kansas City christened its new streetcar line.  We have been super excited to see this come to life and it finally did!  We started our adventure by getting on at City Market and riding it all the way around the line.  We did learn that you need to press the button for a stop, especially if no one is waiting at the stop.  The streetcar keeps going otherwise!

With the streetcar line in mind Dad picked his restaurant for the week, The Homesteader Cafe.

The Homesteader Cafe sits a block off the streetcar line so it was an easy walk to get there from the stop.  It’s a quaint place with friendly service.

They have an interesting menu of food made from local farmers.  There were lots of yummy sounding items to choose from.

Our first choice was the Baked Brie appetizer.  It was a sizable portion of brie cheese wrapped in a phyllo type dough with red wine jelly on top.  It was also served with a side of toasts.  I had tried brie before but it was dad’s first time.  We both really enjoyed it and ate the whole thing!


img_3553The “specials” sign was intriguing to both of us and dad decided to try one of the soups, the Beer Cheese.

Dad also ordered his entree off the specials sign, the “Chef’s Chicken” which was a grilled chicken dish with beet gnocchi in a champagne cream sauce.  I ordered the Mac and Cheese BLT that I had eyed on the menu.

Our food came quickly and we dug right in.  Both dishes had great flavors and were interesting mixes of food.  Dad’s beet gnocchi was a little too…beet-y tasting but what can you do? I ended up taking home part of my mac and cheese and it was good the next day too.

The service was excellent and our server was very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.


Dad: 4, Me: 3.5

Let me tell ya ’bout my bessst friend

Today is the day of birth my very best friend in whole wide world, aka BFF.

carrie eliz plaza

On the Plaza, with her brass choir band

What better way to tribute her than a rambling post?

carrie eliz hats

I’m pretty sure the first time we actually met and talked was actually in middle school.  That being said, we actually grew up VERY close to each other.  She lived in the house behind the house across the street from me.  She even played with some of the same kids I played with but since we were on different streets, our paths never really crossed.  Funny how that happens.  We went all thru grade school never in the same class or same groups of friends at recess.

carrie eliz lake

In middle school a new friend to both of us introduced us to each other and it blossomed from there.  We were hard and fast friends after that.


carrie eliz car

Car selfie!

Once we got to high school we were even more inseparable.  She was at our family dinner table more often than not and if she wasn’t there it was 20 questions about her whereabouts.  She is part of the family, for sure.


Dinner, before high school graduation

Awhile ago we were talking and neither of us could think of an instance where we ever really fought.  How many people can say that?

I love you BFF!  Hope you have a great Birthday and I can’t wait so celebrate many more with you!




Lunches with Dad -NKC Dog and Aunt Marys

This past week I wanted to keep it simple and go somewhere close.  My BFF had sent me a picture from her lunch at NKC Dog from the week before and I decided I need to try it too.


NKC Dog is a tiny little place in North Kansas City at the end of Armour road in the old Bill Allen dealership building.  There are a few tables inside, picnic tables outside and the grilling station in the breezeway between the door and the parking lot.  You order at the counter then they get to work on your hotdog and will bring it to you when its ready.  They have coolers with cans and plastic bottles of drinks and a rack of chips that are self serve, should you chose to purchase them.

Dad ordered a classic Chicago Dog with chips and a drink.  He seemed to enjoy it, but pulled off the peppers.


I opted for the (I forget the name of it) dog with candied bacon and grilled onions.  Mine was good.  The bacon added a cool twist but the onions could have been a little more cooked.


Also, the chips I got were very yummy.  I highly recommend them.  I need to figure out where to buy these just to have.


Over all it was a decent meal, although mostly just a glorified hot dog.  Honestly its what I was expecting when I went into it.  I would go back if I wanted another “fancy” hot dog.

Scores for NKC Dog?  Me: 3, Dad: 2.5


A couple of weeks ago when we were down in NKC we had spotted a (new to us) bakery, Aunt Mary’s.  We decided that after NKC Dog we needed to check it out since it was just down the street.


It is a small place with cakes in the window, some tables for dining and a case of cookies.  We were a little disappointed at the lack of selection of baked items that weren’t cookies.  There were none that we saw.  They did have a deli menu but we were there for the sweets!  In the end we both decided on cookies.  White chocolate macadamia nut for me and iced sugar cookie for Dad.  The cookies were a decent size and tasted good.

Scores for Aunt Mary’s?  Me: 3, Dad: 3

I love my city

I am Kansas City, MO born and raised girl.  I love this city and haven’t found anywhere else that I can imagine living.  This morning we took out on a little photo-adventure to catch some early sun pictures of the city.

There was a lot of traffic downtown for a Sunday morning but there were a few events going on here and there, so I guess we will allow it….

I am loving the new camera BUT some of the stuff are backwards from what I am used to, namely the zoom of the lens!  This was a great opportunity to get out there and try some things out with it though.  Good to get back into it and i’m ready for some more!

Whats in your camera roll?

The other day at work we were talking about what “normal” people had in their phone camera rolls.  I always have my phone with me and it is my main camera these days (sadly enough).  My photo stream is dominated by animal pictures.  I would say a good 85% of those are of my own pets, but the rest are pictures from work.  The work pictures range from cute puppy and kitten pictures to post-op surgery pictures.  Sometimes its fun to watch people scroll thru my pictures and come across gross pictures (see: surgery pictures).

I thought it would be fun to show a smattering (no gross work pictures) of what is in my camera roll.


My newest crafty “display”.  Buttons from my grandmas collection and my own.


Cinnamon roll from Corner Cafe that Dad and I splurged on last week.


Sometimes you just need to remember what was delicious so you can buy some for yourself.


Selfie with a recovering patient.


Adventure to the AC/Furnace warehouse


Sometimes you go looking for a new recliner and end up buying this instead…


Half work, half personal picture.  My own cat getting ready for a laser treatment at work. Smile!



It’s always hard to properly catch the true beauty of a sunset…


When your niece takes 30 selfies on your phone.


Documenting the scanning and explaining of old family photographs


More adorable pictures of my own pets

Also there are tons more food pics.  Be it steps of recipes or meals we have eaten so I can make posts with them, there are lots of them.

So.  What dominates your camera roll/photostream?